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Hi I can’t what till tomereo because its Halloween! My sister is going to be a sky danseur. Im going to be prinsess layoe. Shes from star wors.

A day late on this one, but we thought she was going to type
more than this!


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my first post

Hi I wont to tell you what I did at school today. I got to school and I started to rite in my journal. I wrote tow hole pages in it. Then I hade a test about aware five senses. Then we had gym. In gym we ran around then we lind up by birthdays, I liked it. We came back and had snack. Then we hade reses we came back and hade work bored. Work bard is war we get to do fun activates. Its rile fun. Then we learned about are sense of taste. Then we lined up for lunch. For lunch I had mini pancakes and sosije and peach yogurt! Grape jouse. And choklit milk.

This is as far as the Bean got after 2 hours of intermittent, concentrated typing, playing with her sister, and asking questions about the spell check functions on our computer. We have chosen not to alter her spelling or grammar but to add some punctuation for ease of reading.

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