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that’s all

So. it’s almost December. Crismes is the 25th . most people like to make cokes and other stuff. So I, d like to tell you that on December 15 I’m going to my grandmas house. Well I gues that’s all.

The girls have a special cookie day with Patrick’s Mom each year, and they love it!.


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The story continues on the back side; an actual pic of the costume

…her Brothr. Drth Vadr is thr Dad. He trnd to the Bad Sid becose the Smith tricket him. Prinsess laya hase a Blastr not a litsaBer. My cosin Mikol is was a clon last year. This year hes going to be Lock Skywokr.

Damn Smiths. We’ll never trust Morrissey again.

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