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Red or Blue Icee?

Sunday   I   went   to   inerskate   ninedyone   in   spring   field    for   my   friends   birthday   party.!!  It   was    my   first   time   roller   skating    ever!!   There   was   only   two   boys    there.  It  was  a   blast!!                                     

I haven’t been on roller skates in at least 10 years but after watching her cling desperatly to the railing with a look of utter frustration on her face, I strapped on wheels. By the time we had followed her friends around for about an hour, (all of whom were also clinging to the railing around the rink, pulling themselves along instead of actually skating) She told me she thought she’d be Ok without me. So, I skated off to hang out with the other parents for a bit and she was just fine. She’s quick this one. Also, I don’t recommend the Springfield rink on a Sunday if you want to teach your kids to skate – WAY!!! too many people to feel safe, I almost got run over twice and I am a large and very visible woman. 


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