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little mickey mouse girl

yarn: red heart super saver

hook: G6

feet/legs make 2

start with yellow yarn


row1  inc1 in 2nd ch from hook, sc2, sc4 in next st and continue on to the other side of the chains, sc2, inc in last st

row2  working in back loops, sc around

row3  sc3 sc2tog dc2tog sc2tog sc3

row4  sc around

tan yarn

row5-10  sc around

fasten off

white yarn

here comes the hard part so get ready!

row11  put legs together so the innermost stitches are touching. tie a knot through those two stitches. now looking at the legs from the back sc 8 from the back of the leg on the left, to the front. jump over to the right leg and sc8. you should be at the back of the leg on the right

row12-13  sc around

black yarn

row14-18  sc around

row19  sc2 dec2 sc4 dec2 sc2

row20  dec around

tan yarn

row21-22  inc around

row23-27  sc around

row28  [sc2 dec1] around

row29  [sc1 dec1] around

row30  dec around

fasten off


black yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

fasten off. make 2 of these and sew them onto…


slst across

fasten off


red yarn


row1  slst in the first ch you made. you should now have a loop and now sc around

row2-4  sc around

this next part is kind of tricky

skip the next nine stitches. sc 18

fasten off

arm make 2

black yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2-5  sc around

tan yarn

row6-7  sc around

fasten off

you have now made all of the components of your own little mickey mouse girl! 😀


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size hook: G6/ 4mm

yarn: redheart


row1 sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

row3  [sc1 inc1] around

row4  [sc2 inc1] around

row5-8  sc around

row9  [sc3 inc1] around

row10-12  sc around

row13[sc3 dec1] around

row14-18  sc around

 fasten off

wing| make 2

ch 15

row1  sc1 in 2nd ch from hook sc across| ch1 turn

row2 dec1 sc12 | ch1 turn

row3  sc11 dec1 | ch1 turn

row4  dec1 sc10 | ch1 turn

row5  dec1 sc7 dec1 | ch1 turn

row6  dec1 sc5 dec1

 fasten off


ch 7

5 trc in 2nd ch from hook, slst, trc5 in next st, slst, trc5 in next st, slst

 fasten off

feet | make 2

ch 11

slst1 in 2nd ch from hook, slst3, ch5, slst4, ch5, slst4, slst 6 on opposite side of the first 6 ch

 fasten off


ch5, slst, sc, hdc, dc

fasten off

sew all of the body parts to the body, and you have yourself a chicken!

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