curious george


curious george


redheart/worsted weight yarn

size G6 hook


body | maroon yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

row3  [sc inc] around

row4  [sc2 inc] around

row5  [sc3 inc] around

row6-9  sc around

row10  dec3 sc18 dec3

row11-21  sc around

row22  [sc2 dec] around

row23  [sc dec] around

row24  dec around

 fasten off


head  |  skin color

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

row3  [sc inc] around 

row4  [sc2 inc] around

row5  [sc3 inc] around

row6  [sc4 inc] around 

row7  [sc5 inc] around

switch to maroon yarn

row8-16  sc around

row17  [sc5 dec] around

row18  [sc4 dec] around

row19  [sc3 dec] around

row20  [sc2 dec] around

row21  [sc dec] around

row22  dec around

  fasten off


mouth  |  skin yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

row3  [sc inc] around

row4  [sc2 inc] around

row5  [sc3 inc] around

row6-8  sc around

row9  [sc3 dec] around

  fasten off


legs/arms  |  skin yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  inc around

row3  [sc inc] around

row4-7  sc around

row8  [sc dec] around

switch color to maroon yarn

row9-20  sc around

row21  dec around

  fasten off


tail  |  maroon yarn

row1  sc6 in magic ring

row2  [sc inc] around

row3-7  sc around

row8-10  inc3 dec3

row11-25  sc around

  fasten off



row1 sc6 in magic ring


  fasten off



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  1. 1

    […] machen kann, eine Schokobox gebastelt wird und wie man sich eine Krone und einen süßen George häkeln kann. Lecker wird es mit Schokoquark, DIY Müsli, beerigem Coktail und Cookies wie […]

  2. 2

    I am a very beginner, but have plenty of time to do this carefully. but I don’t understand your instructions for this perfect-for-me monkey. When it says inc around, I increase the number of stitches, but by how many? And I did finally get the magic circle figured out after several attempts. I hope I do not offend you by being a newbie and still trying to take on this project.

    • 3

      aureliadelaney said,

      when it says increase around it means inc in each stitch in the row. [double the amount of stitches]

      sorry for the inconvenience i’m new to this to, i’m just learning how to write patterns. 🙂

      • 4

        I started out on a ball, so I figured that may be what that meant, but thank you very much for making it clear. What about the number after single crochet before the increase indicator?
        The pattern seems easy enough, I’m just very new to crochet in the round. I probably shouldn’t have chosen this as a starter project, but my single crochet is decent and my 2 year old son is OBSESSED with curious george, and thus every monkey in existence now….

      • 5

        aureliadelaney said,

        when it says single crochet ans then a number, the number is how many single crochets you do before the increase.

      • 6

        So then would it be sc2, inc, repeat? or sc2, increase every stitch afterward?

      • 7

        aureliadelaney said,

        it means sc2, inc, repeat. sorry for the confusion.

    • 8

      kenny said,

      you put 2 sc in one stich

      • 9

        aureliadelaney said,

        i’m sorry for the confusion, i really need to re-write my patterns, but to answer your question, you increase the number of stitches by two. you double it.

  3. 10

    I finally finished it. It looks great! I preferred larger ears though, so I added an extra row with an increase all around. My son loves it. one question though: Why the kinked tail? and how is it supposed to look? that was the only part I can’t be sure I did right.

  4. 12

    Alison Ford said,

    Can you tell me the brand of wool that you used for this please?

  5. 15

    Fiona said,

    Hi! My name is Fiona and I live in Argentina. I wanted to thank you for the pattern. I started it three days ago and finished it a couple hours ago. With the explanation you did in the comments I got round to it and am very pleased with the result. Thanks again!!!! I wish I could add a picture, but well…

    • 16

      aureliadelaney said,

      thanks! i feel kind of guilty that you had to use the comments to help you figure out the pattern, but…

      well, i hope you like your monkey!! 🙂

      • 17

        Fiona said,

        I love my monkey, and everybody that sees it does too. You should feel proud!!!! I can’t write a pattern yet, but I want to give it a try in the future…

      • 18

        aureliadelaney said,

        wow, thank you so much! 🙂

  6. 20

    Sam C said,

    Looks great… can’t wait to try it! 2nd crochet in the round project so hopefully it goes well… fingers crossed! 😀

  7. 21

    Mary said,

    I also figured out by the comments how to read the pattern. You should rewrite pattern to read: Row 3: sc1, 2sc in each stitch around to end, Row 4: sc 2, 2sc in each stitch around to end, etc.

    • 22

      aureliadelaney said,

      yeah… i know, i i really mean to fix my patterns since most of them are like that, but i have been SO busy lately. when school gets out i’ll have time to fix them up

  8. 23

    Su G said,

    It took me a while to work out the pattern as I printed the pattern but didn’t look at comments. All the pattern needed was a comma before the inc or (sc3, dec) around would have been clearer

  9. 24

    Amanda said,

    Can you tell me how much yarn is needed?

    • 25

      aureliadelaney said,

      i’m note quite sure how much yarn i used since i made this a while ago, but for the maroon i used about 3/4 of a skein of redheart. and for the skin color, i used about half of what i used of the maroon.
      i hope this helps.

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